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Art Therapy by Sandi Wright, M.Ed., M.A.T.

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By Allison Cobb Monitor Staff Writer

In its third year, the "little camp of miracles" met this week on the  campus of the College of Santa Fe in  Albuquerque. Camp New Horizons is the first of its kind for youth recovering from head injuries.  Youth came from all over New Mexico, including Joe Schleft and Lisa Jennings, formerly of Los Alamos.

arm that had been severed in her accident 13 years ago.

Wright commented, "'There is so much encouragement, enthusiasm and positive thinking present at camp! The climate is perfect for miracles and healing that last long after the last camp goodbye."

Camp New Horizons is funded by Los Alamos United Way and. by donations from the volunteer' staff. Director Joan Alcouffe thanks the community for continued support.

Above, campers and staff pose on CSF campus In Albuquerque. At left, Jay Harmon clowns with Jim Livingston during music session.

Staff included Joan Alcouffe, director, Rosemary Du Bois, nurse; Ruth Williamson, music therapist; Sandi Wright, art therapist; Barbara Newborn, rehabilitation counselor; and Ken Sollitt, volunteer.

Wright came from Los Alamos; Newborn from New York City; and Sollitt from Rio Rancho.

Ruth Williamson has been part of the camp from the beginning. "It was so special' to see all the improvements these 'kids' aged 19 to 29 have made in their recoveries over the last year, Williamson said. Many campers have been with us every year now from the camp' s origin."


Injuries of new ,campers were from a variety of sources: car accidents and gunshot wounds; one is a victim of an unknown gunman who fired into a crowd of teens in Las Cruces.

Camp activities featured music, art, counseling, games, yoga and a talent show.

"Little miracles" happened to everyone: Michael Alcouffe played his guitar in the talent show, fulfilling a dream that he would play again after his accident. Jay Hannon and Jim Livingston rose out of their wheelchairs to sway to dance music. Delores Garcia played a piano duet with Ruth Williamson, using the


What is Art Therapy  Art Therapy for Returning Vets   Monitor Article   Journal Articals

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